woodland hills Plasma PenThe new and innovative Plasma PenⓇ is taking the anti-aging world by storm thanks to its ability to deliver dramatic results without resorting to surgery. At Erasing Time, Kymberly Mariner, RN, and her team are proud to offer this ground-breaking technology at their practice in Woodland Hills, California.

We now offer plasma pen.


All information regarding science and consumer information is available at above site. Pricing is as follows.

Plasma Pen Price Sheet:

1. Eyebrow Lift $1150
2. Upper & Lower Lip, Marionette Lines, Chin $1500 adding Nasolabial Folds $1995
3. Glabella/ Frown Lines $595
4. Bunny Lines $595
5. Forehead spot Work on Horizontal Lines/ Worry Lines/ Skin Tension Lines small area $795, large area $995
6. Full Forehead Lift $1300
7. Hollow Temples $895
8. Crows Feet $795
9. Upper Eyelid $1100
10. Lower Eyelid $900
10a. Crows Feet $650
11. Upper Lip/Lip Lift/Vertical Lines $695
12. Smile Lines/ Cheeks $2495
13. Vertical Lines on neck $995
14. Neck Lift $2200
15. Hand 1 $695

Call for bundle pricing and other plasma pen treatment areas.

If you’d like to explore how the Plasma Pen can erase the effects of time on your skin, call the office or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.