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Regenerative medicine is a growing field of medicine that’s showing promising results in both medical and cosmetic circles. One of the more powerful regenerative resources are your platelets, which can be tapped through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. At Erasing Time, Kymberly Mariner, RN, and her team turn to PRP therapy to address a host of issues, including incontinence, erectile dysfunction, breast enhancement, and hair loss. To learn more about how PRP therapy can help you, call the office in Woodland Hills, California, or use the online scheduler.


What are platelets?

There are four ingredients in your blood:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Plasma
  • Platelets

Your platelets are tiny cell fragments that are primarily responsible for clotting your blood. When they detect damage to a blood vessel, they swarm the area and bind to each other and to your blood vessel to stem the flow of blood through the breach.

But the role played by your platelets doesn’t stop there. These cells also contain powerful growth factors which they release at the site to create a healing environment, calling upon other resources in your body such as your stem cells.

What is PRP therapy?

With PRP therapy, the team at Erasing Time draws a sample of your own blood and isolates your platelets in a centrifuge, creating a concentrate that’s 5-10 times higher than normal.

They then inject this concentrate, called platelet-rich plasma, into areas where you can use a regenerative boost.

What is PRP used for?

PRP therapy has been in use for quite some time in orthopedic circles where doctors use it to speed up the healing and repair of the soft and hard tissues in your musculoskeletal system.

Crossing over into other areas of your health, the team at Erasing Time taps your platelets to address:

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

A large number of cases of ED are due to poor circulation. Through PRP, the team provides the resources necessary for increased vascularization and nerve growth.

Stress urinary incontinence

This condition often arises as your bladder loses its support. To help restrengthen your bladder’s support network, the team at Erasing Time turns to PRP therapy.

Hair loss

Approximately 80 million men and women are suffering from hair loss, and PRP can help. By injecting a platelet concentrate into your scalp, it ramps up the blood supply to your hair follicles.

Breast enhancement

With PRP therapy, the team at Erasing Time can enhance your breasts, giving them better skin tone and support.

With most of these applications, you may need a series of PRP treatments, but the process is quick and easy and there’s no downtime afterward.

If you’d like to explore the numerous possibilities in PRP therapy, call Erasing Time or schedule a consultation using the online booking feature.